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AFL Expansion

Aurora Flash, as our name implies, got our start in the peak of the  of aurora flash movement.  Since then, we have massively expanded into all areas of IT. While aurora flash will always have a special place with us, we’re excited to better serve the tech community with our ever expanding catalogue of service and expertise.

What we're Up To

At AFL, we’re constantly pushing the envelope to be at the forefront of the industry. Our team of innovative engineers continue to impress by streamlining the information age.

Cross Industry experience


AFL has entered and successfully built IT- solutions for pretty much ever industry imaginable. We pride ourselves on our ability to be a one stop shop for clients.


What People Are Saying


AFL prides itself on client satisfaction. A job is never complete until the customer is 100% satisfied.

We had a behemoth of an integration challenge that almost wiped us out. AFL came in and wired us up saving the day.
Mitch Vang
CEO - Asiderr
AFL exposed a massive leak in our network that we weren't even aware of. They patched us up and we're off and running again.
Christine Alvarez
COO - Mamter







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