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The Age of Javascript

JavaScript, commonly known as JScript, is an interpreted programming language based on ECMAscript. JavaScript is object-oriented, multi-paradigm, high-level, and just-in-time (JIT) compiled. It also has a prototype-based variable-arity, curly-brace syntax, typecasting, and functional programming features. The basic syntax of JavaScript includes the following: “var a=true; if (a) {do this; else do this”; “function g(h) {do… Read More »The Age of Javascript

Getting Into Cyber Security

If you wish to take up the field of cyber security, there is a huge demand for computer security professionals who possess the knowledge and proficiency to operate within a number of environments. These environments may include corporate environments, academic environments, government law enforcement agencies, and private industry.  Those with programming skills are required to… Read More »Getting Into Cyber Security